Daydreaming Zero no Tsukaima wallpaper by Storm and Fire :: March 2006
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Hello, this is Anna. Umm... I know I've been bombing you with wallpapers this couple of days. I swear I am not going to do that again. XD

That's a wallpaper I finished about one hour ago. I don't know what kind of style this should be called. It's from Zero no Tsukaima and I've got to say I've put plenty of effort into this one. I decided not to use hue/saturation and let the colours stay as they are for a change! Lots of brushes and a lot of time to actually vector and clean this scan. I used lyrics from "Inner Universe" by Origa (Ghost In the Shell) and decided to put a random title, ~Daydreaming~ that is. I used a total of 83 layers (30 for the vector and 53 for the effects).

I really hope you like it! ^^ Full view would be good and comments are always appreciated.
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