Melancholy Ill CKBC wallpaper by Storm and Fire :: March 2007
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Hello guys!! This is Anna and I am here to present you yet another wall for the Battlegrounds @ I am really happy we won this one! Theme: Discrete/ Non-cliche Melancholy

Basic points of the challenge:

It has to have originality, scenic, variant of colours, and include either NO or MULTIPLE textures (meaning, not just a single texture overlay).

Can be indoors or outdoors; if it's indoors, it must show the outdoors in a way (eg. an open window).

Single character only, must be in a human form

> Even though the rain has almost stopped, the pain in my heart just won't.
I chose to use this scan. However, it wouldn't fit the requirements if I left it as it was so I had to make it fit the rules of the challenge. Basically I excluded Hitonari and kept only Akane on the wall. I expanded the ground and added buildings that can be seen from the reflection.

I've learned tons of things while doing this wall as far as painting is concerned. I tried to find ways to paint realistic ground and came up with some really useful techniques. I might consider making a tutorial in the future when I'll have some free time. You should know that there are no textures on the ground! I'll explain below how I painted it.
So here's the WIP. This time I decided I shouldn't put it in a spoiler tag since so many people ignored it last time and kept mentioning vectors and stuff that didn't actually exist. So please, before saying anything, read the description.

Step 1: - I outlined and expanded the scan.
Step 2: - I painted Akane with the Airbrush Hard Round brush of PS default brushes.
Step 3 -Then I painted the buildings and I added textures to only them. I haven't put a texture anywhere else.
Step 4 -Then comes the ground which I painted with two brushes. The basic colors were put with the Oil Pastel Large Brush. Then the details were added with the Spatter 59 pixels brush.
Step 5 -Next was the sky on the reflection.
Step 6 - I had to make the water look more like water so I brushed highlights here and there with a soft round brush at an overlay layer, 50% opacity.
Step 7 - I then added ripples and some raindrops and called it done.

Huge thanks to my team for their support. VA rocks hard! I lurve you guys. .<
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