Sunburnt Houden Eizo wallpaper by Storm and Fire :: July 2009
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I've been hesitating to upload this here because I thought that everyone would say it's Kiru ga Suki all over again. It's here only because Maria was so persistent. 0.0


This must have been the hardest vector I've ever made. Not because of the complication of the scan but because I decided I should wall originally in my assigned color (orange) instead of following the colors of the scan. Generally, the difficulty of this theme lied in managing to wall in a specific color palette instead of making a normal wall and then colorize it. I think I gained a lot of experience from making this wall.

The vector took me most of the time so I had to rush the bg... So, there is some weird popart doodling (and whoever thinks he/she sees a Spongebob in there is right) along with some other stuff that came out of my mind.

Thanks goes to @flyindreams for the tips and to everyone in the team for the support. It was nice working with everyone. ^_______^

I look forward to seeing your comments.

Have a great summer everyone in the north hemisphere! Anna/Fire
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