I Will Catch You Ouran High School Host Club wallpaper by Dalarty :: August 2008
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I'm serious! Otherwise, it'll always be a bunch of jumbled colors on a thumbnail to you.

Anyway..... I wasn't going to submit this one here because this wall was just an experiment for me on trying out a random, more abstract style but I was convinced by a friend to post it anyway. =( )

The experiment was to just create a more abstract kinda thing... use non-typical shapes, colors, etc... and come out with something that doesn't just look like a regular clean vector really... My main inspiration was to create abstract water, but since I was pleased with how that turned out, I just decided to do the rest from there and a few weeks later, here's the final product.

OK, so here's what's going on in this wall in case you haven't seen Ouran High School Host Club. This is from the last episode of the series and it's inspired by the part where Tamaki jumps off the bridge to save a falling Haruhi who's about to ka-plunk into a lake or beach or whatever. In this interpretation, not only is Tamaki catching Haruhi, but he's kinda almost flying/sprouting wings/air to catch her. Hence the bunches of random things coming out of his back.

1 Haruhi is not supposed to look happy. She's falling off a bridge, so yeah, no smiles, happy eyes from her
2 Since her dress is so huge and abstracty, you can't really see Tamaki's back area... so just assume you can see it and we'll all be happier
3 The tanish line between the water and the sky is sand, not dirt

So anyway, here is a link to the reference for my wall. http://smg.photobucket.com/user/melodicmistress/media/references.jpg.html

They're just screen caps taken from my comp, and yes those are the actual size/quality caps I worked with...

Anyway, the final product... yes it's abstract, yes it doesn't follow typical shading/highlights/etc rules... get over it, it's just a fun project I tried out and hopefully you'll have fun looking at this one too 9(>_>)


PS. Ouran High School Host Club's theme song has now been FINALLY deleted from my imeem playlist since my inspirational drive is over! BWA HA HA >:D
Oh my gosh, i absolutely love her dress, the different strokes, and all the colors in the background!!! Very nice! Well done :)Megan
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