A Contract with the Devil Code Geass wallpaper by Dalarty :: April 2008
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I just finished a Code Geass marathon this weekend and saw the latest episode of season two... which inspired me to create a wall using one of the beautiful images shown in the credits... I absolutely think C.C. is awesome so... here it is, a C.C. wall <3

This is my second attempt at a vector.. so I'm still learning haha!

But everything you see in this wall (aside from the paper texture) is pure vectoring and painting in photoshop. I made have a good relationship with the smudge tool now and... I think this is my first wall I've ever made where I haven't used pretty brushes or anything of that nature... but yeah, I'm pretty happy with the results.

Let's see...

The background is actually an image of smoke that was filtered into mosaic kinda things... the paper texture... I honestly have no clue where I found it... it was just on my desktop files so I thought I'd use it.

The original vector is here http://smg.photobucket.com/user/melodicmistress/media/artwork/dalartyccvector.jpg.html and after I touch it up in the next week or two, I'll try to get an upload for the vector here.

The original image is straight off my computer again, and I've uploaded the image I used here http://smg.photobucket.com/user/melodicmistress/media/miscellany/vlcsnap-301799.png.html

Mmmm, hardest part of this wall I'd say was probably the shadows and highlights of C.C.'s wings... and the easiest/funnest part was doing her dress.

Anyway... I guess you could say this is a completely different style from what I normally do... but I hope you all like it! (^ 3^)

Enjoy~ |(n_n)|

ps. Bwa ha ha, I managed to make a widescreen version as well... so enjoy all you widescreeners .(n_n).
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