Ni yo ARIA wallpaper by Asa :: October 2009
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Justin's wise words: It was funny coincidence that we decided to work on this wall, and as it turned out, that coincidence made something that exceeded both our expectations. I've always wanted to make a scenic wall that was vivid, poignant, and beautiful. And with this wall, I'm pretty sure I fulfilled that goal. Much of the credit and effort for this wall goes to asa, since I was just the guy in the back working on the buildings and whatnot.

So in case you were wondering what I was doing for the past year (on and off at least), now you know. It was an honor working with somebody as talented and intuitive as asa, and I hope you guys enjoy the wall. :)

Also, ARIA rocks.
asa's not-so-wise words: *looks up* spouting sophisticated vocab up there justin. xD and don't be so humble about your part. anyways, the story of this wall goes back 1 year and 3 months. justin was walling water fairies; i was walling bricks (fun!). in the midst of the essays we were trading about hospital signs and las vegas, we discovered that we both wanted to wall the same scan. and thus bricks were thrown a collab was born. i can't speak for justin but i think the hardest part was the title LOL we just couldn't put the right words to the wall without it sounding cheesy. so, we settled for simplicity: tobu means "soar".

excuse our leaning tower of pisa, haha. i wonder between justin and i how many times we've tried fixing it. >__> ssshhhh
edit: since a few people were curious about the buildings - referenced this for the church and the tower.
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