Petal Vampire Princess Miyu wallpaper by Nysha :: March 2009
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Hi there everyone! Well I was browsing Minitokyo one day and chanced upon this scan: Isn't she pretty? Her eyes beckoned me to wall her. 8D I do remember watching some of Vampire Princess Miyu some 10+ years ago, so this isn't some random scan for me. Hahaha.

Edit: I would suggest fullviewing, cause the thumbnail makes it look all distorted. O_o

For my previous walls many people didn't like the "thick" outlines. T_T Well RAWR, then this wall doesn't have any! (Except some few for shading on the skin.) Also this wall features some green! Yay! My favorite color that my gallery here was in much need of - so much so that it made my eyes twitch every time I looked through it. >_<

The wall is vector/painting combo. No shape layers were used; only vector masks were used so I could paint inside them. Took me about 5 days to complete. I started about 2-3 weeks ago after my midterms, and got delayed because of the end of the term. Now my finals are over!!! Guaah! So now I actually had the time to finish this darn wall that was taking forever...

See in-depth process here:

The background is supposed to be soft and vague, like in the scan, cause I liked it that way. XD And the eyes have vague pupils too because making solid dark ones changed her mysterious expression.

I'd like to thank my good friend Ikaika for keeping me motivated to finish this and for giving me feedback throughout its creation. :)

Hope you guys like it! Comments/favs very much welcome. :D

Edit 2: Vector png is available upon request.
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