Death the Kid (SO CRAZY) Soul Eater wallpaper by Nysha :: September 2008
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So far all the walls in my "gallery" here are all of girls, so this one's to break the ice. And what a way to do that with one of my fav characters from Soul Eater: Kid-kun! X3 Soul Eater's a great anime/manga and I highly recommend it. ^_^

The wall's based on a screenshot from the first anime ending. Most of his body was either cut off or hard to see, so I redrew a lot of stuff. I used another screenshot from episode 15 as a reference for Liz and Patty (the guns). Edit: and so that's why the guns/hands are more detailed too - even though I liked the thick lines for the rest of him. The wall was mostly made in photoshop, but I used illustrator to outline the guns and hands. And yeah, doing one was kinda long so I got lazy and used the same lines for the other gun/hand. XP As usual, lines were vectored, and everything else was painted by tablet. Are the glares too distracting? Well too bad - they're compositional elements and I like them.

See the general process (and screenshot) here:

The reason for the sig bar at the bottom in the final pic is cause after testing it on my monitor I didn't like how it was positioned (task bar cut off his elbow slightly), so I moved the pic up a notch.

For those wondering about the title, it's actually the same as one of his theme songs, and is one of my favs from the anime. Check it out here:

Time taken: one weekend (gahh I rushed it) Textures from Some splatter and grunge brushes from Deviant art.

Hope you like! I love to read your comments! ^_^
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