For all Eternity Xenosaga wallpaper by Nysha :: September 2008
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After playing Xenosoga ep 3 again, I got inspiration to wall the nice ending scene of KOS-MOS drifting through space. For those who've played FF7, I interpreted the scene similar to Seto's, so the full title would have been "She continues to protect us even now" (and for all eternity), even when she's all battered and broken. Baww I love KOS-MOS! X3

Lovely scan used: I just had to make a wall of this awesome scan.

Process: Extracting and re-cging KOS-MOS took the longest, then painting the planet with my tablet took the second longest (I still think it looks like crap ugh XP). I extracted her by painting over her in another layer (and color) with my tablet, and then masked out her solid painted shape, while using the smudge tool to clean things out. I added a planetary ring for kicks and to make the scene more interesting I guess. Took me about 2 days to complete.

Resources: Star images from NASA: ring tut:

Hope you like. Comments/favs are welcome. ^_^ Oh and btw, Sept 10 was my b-day! (And I finished the wall then too haha)
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