The Strongest Monster Claymore wallpaper by Nysha :: July 2008
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Like I promised, this is my second tribute to Teresa. ^_^ Please full-view it to see the extent of the details.

The title is a reference to when Teresa’s handler described her during her introduction, and then corrected himself from saying “woman” to “creature/monster”. I love the irony, since she’s such a doll face haha. (As mentioned by the bandit who wanted to rape her!)

Only the lines were vectored in Illustrator, and in one color: black. (I like heavy lineart!) The rest was all painted in Photoshop using my Wacom tablet.

How long did it take? Meh I don’t remember since I took many week-long breaks because I’m lazy. XP However if I were to guesstimate and condense the time it took, I’d say about a week with roughly 6-8 hours of work each day.

Where did I find the stock image? It’s actually from a spread from chapter 79 of the manga, but thanks to Unok on Mangahelpers I was able to use these two images: for the lineart, and to help with the colors.

As for the background I wasn’t sure what to do at first, but then I looked at some scenes from episode 8 with all the overcast skies, and then I whipped up some clouds, mist, and mountains with no reference. It just happened to have sunset colors since I used the leftover colors from painting her hair. >_>

Now for the process details: I painted the eyes first (most important part imo), then her face, hair, armor, claymore, and background, in that order. I added her insignia to her claymore because it looked boring without it, and I traced it from the anime’s opening sequence. I intended the focus to be on her, so that's why the background is very blurry. Think of it as a short depth of field that contrasts her more from the background.

Brushes used (all default): Hard round, soft round, and airbrush soft round.

PS CS2 filters used: Paint daubs, Gaussian blur, motion blur, smart blur, noise, median, reduce noise, and unsharp mask.

I made the whole thing using my little 1280x800 resolution laptop!

You can easily crop it to make other aspect ratios. I didn’t because there are many ways to do so and still have it look good. (And because I’m too lazy to choose which one. XP) EDIT : I added the typical resolution since several people wanted it and couldn't crop it.

And also, please do not use for anything other than a personal wallpaper without asking, thanks.

I hope you like it. ^_^ Please tell me what you think because I love to read your comments.
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