Vermilion Kurehito Misaki wallpaper by Chris Lejman :: November 2009
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I'm back! 83

And here's a wall I've been working on for Anna and Shanni who have their birthday very soon :3 Sorry for no 2 separate presents but I've been through lot of trouble recently, involving 2 months without PC T.T Hope you will like it through, I think it's one of my best :3

Time spend - about 1,5 month
Number of shapes - count yourself

It's been so much pain to make this, Illustartor crushed lots of times and I had to reinstall it, in the end it ended with format and reinstall of windows too >.> although it was windows fault as well.

I feel bad for not writing more because I'm really happy with how this wall came out and would love to write more but I'm no good when writing descriptions. I'll just say early happy birthday Anna and Shanni and hope you all like it. :3

P.S2 During last touch-ups, I've added 2 layers making it darker, but seeing comments here and on MT, I've decided to update it without them so it's brighter now. Also, forgot to thanks Nysha for all help :3
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