Unraveling Nabari no Ou wallpaper by Asa :: February 2009
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you can never count on me to make a promotional wall. and just like with brokenTONE v2's launch, the vehicle for my announcement is old. anyway... POOL PARTY, hop on over and check it out. gid and i revived the Pool Party, not as a competition but as a deadline-less project. if you aren't too busy with AP Clash, consider taking up our walling themes. then there are wall tiles -- a step down from full blown walling. if you just want something light and fun, we offer memes. 8)

--------- submission seems like such a novel thing. for those who may recognize this, yes, this is a gallery restoration with a few fixes. back then, i'd intended to get rid of Under The Same Sky. the original idea for that was scenic but then i really wanted to go back to my non-scenic days and ended up chopping away most of Yoite's face. Unraveling turned out to be a happy accident but Under The Same Sky was just too desperate. the long and short of it is that i had several tabs open and was too trigger happy. and so there went the wrong wall. didn't bother restoring it. doing so now just to help Pool Party's publicity a little bit. i don't expect much from this actually, so to whoever looks: thanks~

forgot: scan credit goes to Saa-chan. http://cuppy-cake.net/2008/09/05/nabari-no-ou-artbook-liricamente/ vectored the unraveling Yoite. text galore. textures. voila.
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