Boulevard of Broken Dreams Black Lagoon wallpaper by Chris Lejman :: February 2009
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Second wall I've done with Illustrator, I'm getting more used to it by now :3 It's a present for Misao, Happy Birthday! ^-^

Here I've made screenshot of shapes X3

Don't feel like writing long description, I'm lazy X3 Thanks to Jay, Voicy and Asa for help ^_^ Text from Greenday song.

Description update (March 2013):
Haha, I'm now paying price for being lazy earlier, because I really don't want to leave those descriptions so short. I think that was first time when I was trying to make background from scratch by using perspective guidelines and stuff like that. Not totally happy with result but as for first try, I think it went well. Too bad that, even until now it was my only try at perspective so far.

Sadly, for some reason I can't find and original scan anywhere to reference to it, but it was just manga b&w picture from Black Lagoon artbook.
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