Agent of Chaos Miwa Shirow wallpaper by Chris Lejman :: September 2008
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Finally managed to finish a wall \^_^/ I've been very busy recently but I still managed to do some walling on another Code Geass wall, but in middle I decided to take a break and make some other wall :3

This wall originally was going to be scenic, based on one of "The Dark Knight" posters (actually it is a bit scenic but where will you find place where wall is so dirty yet floor is mirror clean?) but since I wouldn't be able to do background that I was planning, I decided to do it that way :3 Well, actually I was just messing with it every evening just for fun and then I though "hmmm, it actually starting to look nice :D"

Here's a scan :3 There's a long list of credits for this one:
- Graffiti source
- Big wing tattoo
- Tattoo on character's arms
- Tattoo on characters back
- choose of colors is based on The Dark Knight posters
- quote also comes from moment, and is spoker by Joker portrayed by late Heath Ledger. It's really tragic how he ended up ._.
- thanks to asa01 and storm-and-fire for their help ^^

Last but not least, textless version and version with less graffiti you can here on as alternative versions :3
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