COLORFUL BLOSSOM DOGS wallpaper by Storm and Fire :: December 2006
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Edited for several reasons. We hope you like this one better.

Previous Version:

We present you our new wallpaper. This time, Maria helped me with this piece a little so I'm giving her credit. (is that weird)

When I was making this wallpaper, I was listening to this song:

** Dare to click if you wanna see Austin Powers singing in Japanese. **
It's on youtube so I guess you won't have to wait long.

Now, about the wall. It's a real mess and that's the main concept. A lot of things are going on and I know there are a lot of flaws. I thought that if I edited them, then I would destroy the weirdness.

I would like to thank Gloo for helping me over at Session Zero and all the other people who encouraged me with their comments.

Have fun. ^^
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