The Edge DOGS wallpaper by Asa :: March 2008
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i like the thumbnail :'D ...maybe it's better than the wall xP this was intended to be a fairly quickly, very simple piece. the simple remained because additional elements didn't feel right; the quick, not so much. it dragged out somewhat mainly because i felt "stuck" the entire time while walling.

it's grayscale because 1) i didn't want to color naoto (manga scan vector + extra shading layers and horrible extensions for the 4:3 and 5:4 versions Dx ); 2) my personal feeling that the grays bring a sort of impact that colors can't in this case. maybe i abused the text-as-bg thing but it's fun layering text and using masks to turn a couple of fonts into a whole bunch of "fonts". xD; and pattern-used-as-texture was whimsical (source: the awesome squidfingers).

thank you my fmn friends. :3
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