Bakaneko Meets Grandma-zilla Darker Than Black wallpaper by Asa :: August 2008
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based on this screenshot:

reasons for making the wall: because mao is just so hilarious. x3 because, i admit, i'm too addicted to walling to properly go on my hiatus. because i wanted to see how wonderful it is to vector without lag (my old computer was very slow).

stuff: hundreds of layers spent on the bushes. hundreds of colors. each leaf is hand drawn, which took a long time. i have NO idea how i managed to finish it all, because i have very little free time these days. i proclaim it a miracle! xD but still, school means compromising my plans for this wall, since i didn't do everything the way i wanted to. add that to laziness and i ended up not adding more detail to the bushes towards the right or to the wall.

thanks to kiru and justin for their feedback! and of course, because of the title, this one is for you, bakaneko. ;] think of it as a bday present...a couple of months early.
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