Diem Ex Dei Death Note wallpaper by Chris Lejman :: July 2008
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I'm getting so lazy when it comes to description part >.> I have to make some random decription generator that will do it for me :3

It's a wall dedicated to asa01 because it was kind of inspired by her style ^^; and she helped me with suggestions too ^^ It's also an entry for Pool Party contest.

The theme for contest was Summer Solstice. I won't explain either concept or title, I suppose it should be interesting for anyone to find he's own explanation, besides we're not really allowed to give explanation as there is such rule on contest 9(>_>) I know it doesn't really apply to uploading on AP, but that was a smart way to skip part of description, right? :3

Aside from grayscale, I prefered to use red too, but contest version is grayscale-only so you can get it too as alternative :3

That's all I think, hope you like it ^^

EDIT: Doh, afterall I forgot something - here's scan :3 http://www.animepaper.net/gallery/scans/Death-Note/item159458/
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