Much Punches One Punch Man wallpaper by Chris Lejman :: September 2016
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Manual for using this wallpaper - PLEASE READ ME!

A manual for wallpaper? Yup, trust me, it might be useful in this case. There's a lot of grain on this wallpaper; it's an artistic choice that I've been aiming for from the start and I've composed this wallpaper around it. The thing with grain is that even the slightest drop in quality will be noticeable and can create graphical artifacts like your GPU is melting.

With that in mind:
- if you'll ever be reposting this somewhere, please don't convert it to JPG. Windows 10 (and possibly some older) hates JPG and by default lowers the quality of wallpapers slightly. It just won't look well as JPG, no matter if you fil, center or whatever.
- even if you get it in PNG, I recommend to get it in a size that is right for your screen, and then set it to be centered - that should give you the best result.
- if you're using Windows 10 with Microsoft Account on multiple PCs, Windows by default shares you're wallpaper between your computer. Yup, that will tear it to shreds too. So if you want to stop it from sharing it, here's a little bit about that

And here's a link to the best edition of wall, static noise edition
Ah, I'm so happy with how this one came out x3

Windows by default doesn't let you have animated GIF as wallpaper, but here's a small cute program that makes it possible
I recommend setting animation speed at 60-70, I think that feels about right.

Most of elements were vectored from anime screenshot, just few parts from manga.
Took quite a long time but was pretty fun.
Hope you like!
Pure badass.Anss
You're amazing it's too good for my eyes i'm cryingGin
Nicely done man. Do you plan on doing any other similar sort of Animated backgrounds? They seem like allot of work, but even just minor effects or elements can look really cool. Thanks again for the great work!Merciless
Happy New Year! Glad to see you're still around. We, the old guards, are slowly starting to disappear and it's making me sad... :( Keep being awesome and creative!Phoenix
Whoaaa !!! Awesome ! That so great :D Thank you for creating this !Cynthia
AWESOMEEEEEE \(OAO)/Andrei Elotina
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