993 Tokyo Ghoul wallpaper by Chris Lejman :: February 2015
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Hey there, how is everyone? :)

My new wallpaper features a familiar colors and style. I was actually going to change colors I use for next few of those simple walls, but it just fit very well to the series in this case so I kept at it ;)

I got a massive ammount of feedback regarding which series I should wall next, I didn't even had time yet to compile whole list and see which titles where mentioned most often. I was going to rewatch Cowboy Bebop since it's one of the top choices it seems, and make next wall with it, but the concept for Tokyo Ghoul wall came to me so suddenly that I just had it pull it off first :) Actually it looked a bit different (and better) in my head so I'm not totally happy with it, the re so parts that I like more and some less. But I still hope there will be few people who will like it :)

You can also find prints with the design here http://society6.com/product/993_print#1=45
And the poster version in collection here http://society6.com/deto15/collection/anime-posters

Hope you like it :)
I'm loving these types of wallpapers, my favorite is the Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan, and Tokyo Ghoul. Are you planning to make more of these? Diane
Really liked wallpaper made by you ! I hope you can do one for Aldnoah.Zeroxyxy
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