Mother of Snakes Bakemonogatari wallpaper by Chris Lejman :: June 2014
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I was really conflicted about what scan I should wall after my recent SnK wallpaper, since just before I had 2 ideas that I took quite far but didn't finished. In the end through, after seeing Nadeko sketchy scan, I picked it up without planning much and was hoping I'll be able to see it through to the end :)

I didn't really worked much on composition here apart from making a crop that I felt looked best as wallpaper. Obviously I wanted to keep the sketchy style that got me attracted to the scan in first place, so instead I focuses on experimenting with abstract colors. It kinda came out like some of my older walls, using mostly grayscale and scarce popping out colors.

I included version with and without text, I hope you all like it :)

Here's original scan too
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