Luminous Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica wallpaper by Chris Lejman :: February 2014
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Finally finished this one and I'm ore than happy with a result :)

I think Madoka is one of those series that I always wanted to wall, but I wasn't sure if I'll be able to pull out something good enough. With this wallpaper I wanted create a composition of few images with limited color palette, that would use more spicy colors than I usually use. In the end I used them in greater ammount than I planned, but I think it came out well. There are some style inconsistencies that I'm not totally happy about, but I think they are bearable. Since original images were drawn in various styles I had to put some extra work to keep at least some basic consistency and so I focus on keep eyes style same as in original series and hair lighting same as on image by Coocon that I used.

Alternative version doesn't use pixel effect present in main version. First of all I'm aware not everyone like bare NSFW pixels so that's ok, just grab alternative :) Second of all, resolutioned downsized from biggest ones will have pixels blurred, which is not how I envisioned them to be, so feel free to grab alternative too if it bothers you.

Alternative 2... is not really alternative, it's same as version 1 :P but if you have 1920-width screen, and you will download main version, it will be downsized from 2560 and so pixels will be blurred. Alternative 2 have 1920 as main size, just as a way to omitt downsizing :)

Scans used:

Hope you all like it :)
Awesome, especially in 1440p! Thanks!Eric
I do love the composition, and thats an interesting color for the background you went with, but the best of all is the Mami scan you used, tragic and funny at the same time! A great wall for a great anime!b4betty
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