Not so ordinary life Nichijou wallpaper by Chris Lejman :: December 2013
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It's finally finished :D

I've been working on this since May I think, but it was going pretty slowly and exhausting so it took much longer than expected. I should have planned it better too since I basically started with no solid concept, and for a wall that was suppost to take so much effort to complete, that was dumb of me. I was getting stuck a lot without any idea how to make it look good, and even now I think there was much more potential here.

Still, in the end I was worried I won't be able to pull out anything even remotely good, but I think it turned out ok! :) I think I was able to give it some depth without making it overcluttered. It turned out very blue through :P so I guess not everyone may like. It kinda does fits holiday season with such color theme through, doesn't it? :P

All characters have been vectored from screenshots (not enough good scans for this series), most of which came from opening sequences that you can watch here

Hope you like it! Happy New Year and hooray for Nichijou :D
Also, I personally prefer alternative version, but that's just me :P
Wow great job! It is this image that has helped me find you guys. Holy, I love the site's design so much, one of the best design I've ever seen, I'll dig around a little more. <br /> Anyway goodjob!nvat
Really awesome <3R
Im gonna say it again, cause it bears repeating, its so awesome that Broken Tone is back and once again featuring the cream of walling goodness, happy New Year and I hope the excellent walling keeps on in 2014 and beyond!!!b4betty
This is brilliant, dude. Vectoring is superb and the color palette is very calming on the eyes! As we use to say, +fav!Animoo
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