Aki no Onna no Ko Kunie Kanbara wallpaper by Horseradish :: October 2013
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be sure to check out Horseradish's website:http://hjpenndragon.deviantart.com/
This wallpaper was made out of my love for patterns, textures, traditional stuffs, and the Japanese culture.

I was actually weighing it out whether I should do a Kunie Kanbara or a Yusuke Nakamura wallpaper----but Kunie definitely won me over. ^^v

This wallpaper is also my entry to a contest held in MiniTokyo entitled "MTM: Falling Into Fall ©2013".

For the challenge, we were to use a certain color palette. I chose the muted/faint color pallete because for some reason, those muted/faint colors represent what the season "Fall" is for me. I guess I just love the 'fall to winter' type of colors more than the 'freshly fallen and bright' colors of " Fall".

I guess that's about it. Hahahaha. XD

I would like to thank Deto15 (Chris) for featuring me as one of his guests here in his website. It's definitely an honor and a privilege to be here.
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