Where is my mind? Bakemonogatari wallpaper by Chris Lejman :: May 2012
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So first time in a while I actually managed to finish one of my WIPs. I have very little free time recently, but it's not that I'm not walling, but rather jumping from one WIP to other and having problems with actually finishing any.

This wall through was really fun to do, and I've made a huge progress on it in last 2 weeks, even through it was started earlier. I really like vectoring real objects/photos so it was cool experience to have so many animals here (for those who don't know series, there are so connections with characters, although I've cheated a bit with a bat).

Characters were vectored from various scans and screenshots and since there are many, I feel too lazy atm to search for sources, photos of animals were taken from Googel Images (it's terryifying how long it took me to find fine pic of cat, why there are so little cat pics on internet?)

Also, I made a progress pic so you can see how it was evolving over time, took me long time until I was happy with it. You can check it here http://sta.sh/#/d4oahdscrrf

So, I'm glad to announce I didn't retired yet. Just been real busy with work, projects, school, work, life, work and stuff. Mom, if you're reading this, I'm not dead, check under table.

Hope you all like my new wall :)
Awesome work, thank you very much!Chris
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