Synesthesia Ar Tonelico wallpaper by Storm and Fire :: July 2010
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Was yea ra chs hymmnos mea...

EDIT :: Wow, the thumbnail and preview pics look so pixelated... Please fullview!

Uhm... hello everyone! My name is Maria, and I used to be Storm, the less active part of @storm-and-fire. I decided to create a new account of my own to submit my wallpapers because they did look kinda odd and different from Anna's and didn't quite fit with the rest in her gallery.

In this wallpaper, I did the vectoring and the main composition of the wallpaper and Anna did the effects and the typography.

Character: Aurica Nestmille from Ar Tonelico I

The text used is:Sun, shine your warmth on me Moon, cool me with your night Wind, bring the gentle rain Earth, take my roots down deep.

Original scan:

What I had done before Anna stepped in:

About synesthesia:

I love you all! <3 (But I hate my internet connection...)
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