Arcanum Paradisus Touhou wallpaper by Storm and Fire :: June 2010
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Happy belated birthday @Deto15 and @nisec! I'm sorry for being so terribly late!

So, here's my entry for AP Clash's Immunity Challenge.


The girl is vectored and everything in the bg is painted by me except for the three towers on the left. They come from this scan.

To make the bg I followed the scan's style with sketchy buildings and other stuff. I would have liked to go for more detail but time is money and I have another wall to finish, too! It's also my first time painting clouds with no reference! I'm proud! O 3 O

Here's the original version:

Any comments/crits/favs are appreciated. :>) Take care!

EDIT: The wallpaper will be revised at some time after the Immunity Challenge is over. I will fix all the perspective/detailing/colouring problems this may have. But I'm not willing to draw a right wing or remove roses or anything of that sort since that's the way the scan goes. Thank you for your enlighting comments and please look forward to it! ^.^
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