Their Fated Realm Fate / Stay Night wallpaper by Nysha :: May 2010
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Zomg another surprise finish! 8D And it’s the first wall of mine made in HD, thanks to my new monitor. <3 Spread the HD love!

First thing’s first. I totally loved the scan. Props to the original artist because their poses are so badass. *___* I actually used a previous version of the scan with the sides cut off, and it was deleted once a full-pic was uploaded. However I still used it because it had better quality (less noise, better colors) than the full sized pic. Of course that meant I had to re-cg the missing sides. The scan I used still exists at Minitokyo.

Overall this wall has pretty much everything: The characters were extracted and re-cg’ed. Plus Saber and Emiya were smudged out cause I didn’t want them. XP The sky was painted from scratch, using as a clouds ref. The swords were extracted from that scan and this scan , and then repainted. Some still probably look like crap and the perspective all wonky, but meh. The gears and some of the sky spark shapes were vectored and then painted with vector masks. Gear ref images: and . The gears have a painted texture and were blurred to give depth, and moreover, they are a part of Archer’s Unlimited Blade Works. Any "artifacting" is probably due to AP's resizing. The biggest res looks fine to me. O.o

See more details and how it came to life with the progress pic:

Stats: Time spent: when put together, about a week. About 84 hours . Original PSD size: 304mb at 2844x1600px Most annoying part: my mood became when painting the sky, and well, I think it shows. >.> It just took the longest time to look satisfactory. At least listening to the Terminator theme on loop kept me motivated. Buahahaha. Easiest/most fun part: making the gears! I first went a little “gear trigger happy”, then I had to cut down on their spammed numbers. XD Brushes by adonihs *___*

Recommended res is the HD, cause the others are crops. (Tried repositioning the swords to fit, but it looked way too crowded). The square (1280x1024) res doesn’t have the two foreground swords.

Special thanks to Deto, vitaa, Kitten, alenas, and sjade (for ideas with the gears!)

Enjoy, and thanks for viewing! :D
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