Aquamarine Kaori Minakami wallpaper by Nysha :: December 2009
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Surprise finish! 8D

Note : you may not redistribute this wall to any other sites. Thank you.

OMG this wall has been a WIP since Delilah, but now it’s finally done! Thanks to Vitaamin , Kitten , Deto , and Asa for your feedback and support throughout its creation. Also, this is my debut wall for Brokentone! Thanks Deto!

It is a reworking of this scan:

I remixed it a bunch, including making one flower pink, realigning her facial features, and making her boobs bigger so she wasn’t such a bobble head. XD See the process pic to see how it came to life:

I ended up scrapping my ideas to include a bow on her hair tie and adding a dragonfly or fish, because it seemed busy enough already.

Made in photoshop CS2, lines vectored, everything else is painted using vector masks like how I usually do. It’s interesting how many are using SAI nowadays, but ps still gives fine results I think. ^__^

Stats : Two brushes used: soft round and airbrush soft round Main Psd file size (out of three files): 201 mb (combined would be around 250) Layers: at least 350 on final psd, with some merged layers D: (opening and saving were a @#$%^) Painting the leaves was the most annoying part, each one took at least 40 min, and it felt like an assembly line. >.>

Thanks for viewing! I’m open to scan suggestions for future walls too. (lol waller’s block)

Find it also at:
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