Resolution Togainu no Chi wallpaper by Asa :: November 2009
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HAPPY BIRTHDAYS TO TSU ( can i be later than this late? >3<), SAKU (on time!), AND ANNA (a bit early)!

ok tried editing this (laglaglag). there are things that are a little ehhhh like how the shiny flying things (i don't even know what they are) should probably cast light on him. and yeah, this is heavier on vectoring technique than creativity. but if you would excuse me. xD;

two things i would like to know: 1) less flying glowy things? they were rather whimsical of me... 2) is having a light flare that stares you in the face practical for a wallpaper?

i don't know what togainu no chi is but when i saw this scan i knew it was the one. < 3

thanks to deto for bearing with me through a certain "crisis" (see read more), nysha (i tried shiny-ifying the hair but failed; it just became really pastel), and vitaa for the conversations. i'm sure i'm not alone in experiencing that sudden onset of your blood freezing and then the urge to scream and stab your computer. yup. the pain of your walling software of choice dying with your unsaved work still, well, unsaved. but then you start it up and it's all good and fine. an annoying setback but hey, the file is still there.

but that wasn't the end of that. i tried and reworked things many times, and each time, without fail, photoshop crashed. i slowly came to accept that that file was no longer usable when even a click would kill it (no other file does that, i tried). good thing i decided to split my vector in two and that was the later half! so i went back to my first half and redid the work from there. T3T in hindsight i guess i'm just happy i didn't have to redo his hair.
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